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Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

62 White Cross Road


Phone: 02 4754 4050

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Email: wincntre@tpg.com.au

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Welcome to Winmalee

Neighbourhood Centre

Our aim is to create a more vibrant, sustainable, resilient and self-reliant community.

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) is on Aboriginal land and acknowledges the Traditional Owners of that land, the Darug and Gundungurra peoples.

WNC is a not for profit Incorporated Association providing a wide range of programs that are responsive to the changing needs of the community, which includes Younga People, Children and their families and those experiencing disadvantage. These programs range from recreational and educational group activities to support groups, advocacy and  practical support.

Our aim is, through the provision of quality services, to create a more vibrant, sustainable, resilient and self-reliant community. We believe that every person has the right to expect equal access to programs and services.

WNC is also providing fire recovery assistance along with existing programs


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What's New: Women Skilled & Ready

With a grant through The Dept. Justice, Office of Emergency Management-Community Resilience and Innovation Program (CRIP) the Centre is running dedicated disaster workshops for women. The 2013 bushfires highlighted the need for such workshops where women could build on existing experiences/skills when faced with a bushfire and increase the 'hands' on skills and knowledge . The project addresses women's unique roles they can play when faced with bushfire situations and emergencies and takes into account that women are many times the carers of family and children along with volunteering, participating at school events, in paid employment, along with many other tasks.

The project provides an environment where women build trust, make new social networks, is confidential and allows them to express their concerns while trying to fit into their lives another 'thing to do'. The workshops are run over 2 days and they have the opportunity to develop- women's knowledge of their local area environment, bushfire emergency communication and safety, survival skills in order to empower them to have the confidence to make better decisions about their own and their families safety including wether to leave early or take shelter in place if they are unable to evacuate.

The project is working collaboratively with Winmalee Public and High Schools, St Thomas Aquinas School, Rainbow Preschool, Pinaroo OOSH, and Winmalee Rural Fire Service.


Winmalee Community Food Cupboard

This is a new initiative for the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre. With the loss of the Emergency Relief funding, which has had a major impact on the community, we are now providing a subsidised food program. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, there is fresh bread, fruit and vegetables at no cost. Every Friday, the Centre will open its Food Cupboard from 10:15am to 12:30pm. This will allow those on low incomes to access the subsidised food. Each person who joins this project will be able to purchase ten items for $10, or fifteen items for $15. This will provide real value for money, and the cost incurred is for the transportation of food products. Items will change on a weekly basis, and at present, members can access the program on a fortnightly basis. Click HERE to download a pantry list. 



If you would like to support this project, please contact the Centre Manager, as we are always seeking ways to support and increase the wellbeing of the community.




The unpredictable nature of the Winmalee/Yellow Rock 2013 bush fires unfortunately left many families not only unprepared for their own safety but also their beloved pets. While many of us have a disaster survival plan in place, they don’t always include our pets. This can result in losing valuable time and making last minute decisions when a disaster occurs.

The Planning for Animals in Emergencies Seminar acknowledges that when a disaster strikes it can be a time of great confusion. Having a personal survival plan along with disaster plan for your beloved pet/s is vital, without a plan panicked decisions can be made that threaten the safety of your pet, yourself and your family. With 63% of Australian households having at least 1 pet and 90% of pet owners regarding their dog or cat as a member of the family this seminar will cover preparedness and managing large and small pets in emergencies. Come and join us on Saturday October 6th at Springwood Sports Club from 9.30 am. Click HERE to download the flyer.

Winmalee Fresh Food Program

With the support of SecondBite the Centre has fresh nutritious food and bread available 5 days per week. If you are on a Centrelink benefit and require food this can be accessed FREE.

This program began in 2013 and is providing food to those most vulernable in the community. We provide this service to numerous agencies in the Blue Mountains along with the Hawesbury. Food is sent to Thrive Family Services, The Aboriginal Cultural Resource Centre, Springwood Neighbourhood Centre, Blackheath Neighbourhood Centre, Rainbow Preschool, Pinaroo OOSH, Christ Mission Possible, Hawkesbury Community Kitchen and FoodBank.

In the past 12 months the Centre collect 76 tonne of food that would otherwise go to landfill, sorted and distributed the food. This food is increasing the health of the community and ensuring quality food is not going to waste. This is a massive effort from a very small team of workers and volunteers. With a grant from the Environmental Protection Association we have been able to purchase a delivery van however it is not a funded project and to continue this much needed service we are keen to connect with sponsors. More services are contacting the Centre to enquire if they could access the food, unfortunately we do not have the funds to increase our reach.


Thank you to the following people/services


Family & Community Services-Community Builders

Blue Mountains City Council

The Rotary Club Springwood

Springwood Uniting Church

Wesley Mission Community & Financial Counselling

Blue Mountains Womens Health And Resource Centre

Thrive Family Services-Katoomba/Lithgow

LaMontagna Cafe Winmalee

DoNut King Winmalee

Springwood Baptist Church

Field Of Dreams Charity - Bianca Judd

Strong Nation Mountains Church


Blue Mountains City Church 

Knit4Charities/Bev Milner

Warrimoo Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Mountain Autos & Tyres

Nepean Men's Shed

St Vincent DePaul

Springwood Sports Club

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre has DGR status and all donations are tax deductable. Your donations will assist with the fire recovery and support the community as they rebuild their lives.