Changes to service delivery in response to Coronavirus Directives-June 26th June 2021


Please note: if you have become unemployed or are new to our service please ring as we will need to speak with you to ensure you have access to the services you require. 

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre provides a range of financial and material support to the community, however we have changed how we will deliver these services due to the Coronavirus Health Directives. 

Although we have to change how we operate we will still be providing  a non-judgemental, and confidential service that maintains the dignity of the individuals we assist.

Please see below for details on how we have altered delivery.

Fresh Food Program-this will still be available 5 days per week but we will ask you to wait on the verandah while you choose what foods you would like (a list will be provided). Staff or volunteers will pack your bag and hand it to you.

Utility Assistance-this includes electricity, water and gas (Telstra vouchers have run out). We will ask you to make an appointment and email your most recent bill and a photo of your Centrelink card/licence. Interviews will be conducted over the phone and please tell us your circumstances on why this assistance is required as this is a mandatory requirement of 'Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability | Department of Planning, Industry and Environment'. Access is limited to twice per financial year, however if you have recently become unemployed extra allocations may be possible.

Food Parcels-these are available and may be able to deliver to you under the following circumstances:

  • You have been directed by your doctor to self isolate
  • You have had direct contact with a person who is infected with the Coronavirus
  • You have no transport, especially the older people in our community: and
  • Your live in Faulconbridge, Springwood, Winmalee, Yellow Rock, Hawkesbury Heights, Valley heights or Warrimoo.

Frozen Food Program-this is anew program and is targeting the older people in the community to ensure they have nutritious meals. The same guidelines apply as above.

Friday Food Cupboard-please download your pantry list on Thursdays and ring your order through. When you come to collect on Friday we will take to your car. If you cannot download the list you will be provided with one on Friday, we ask that you fill it in on the verandah or your car and we will bring out your order.

Work Development Orders-you can still apply for the WDO's program but community hours etc will not be taking place until further notice.

Food Vouchers-to access vouchers you will need to make an appointment. You will be asked to email the centre a recent bill and a photo of your Centrelink card or licence. When you arrive we will ask you to wait on the verandah and fill in paperwork. We will then place the vouchers in a plastic bag and hand to you.

Prescription Vouchers-the same guidelines as our food vouchers.

Wood Vouchers-the same guidelines as our food vouchers.

We also have support to help with finances with our budgeting consultant.

For our Fresh Food Outreach programs we ask you to ring the appropriate centre to enquire if they are still open and providing food 

Fresh Food Outreach Project

Our Outreach Fresh Food Project delivers to Thrive Family Services Katoomba on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Delivery to Springwood Neighbourhood Centre is Thursdays, Aboriginal  Cultural  & Resource Centre-Koori Play Group Mondays (Greenwood Education Centre Dora Street Katoomba), Blackheath Neighbourhood Centre Wednesdays, Pinaroo OOSH Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Rainbow Preschool Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The project also delivers to Foodbank Tuesdays and Thursdays Glendenning.