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No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)-A smarter way to high interest 'fast cash’ options

About NILS – a short history

NILS is an interest free loan scheme initiated by Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service in Victoria. NILS is designed to assist low income and disadvantaged people access credit without the burden of interest charges or hidden fees.

NILS was introduced to the Blue Mountains by the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre in 1998 and is now available throughout the Blue Mountains  in four locations.

Over the last 10 years funding for the Blue Mountains schemes has been generously provided by:

  • Private donations
  • The Mercy Foundation
  • The Ian Potter Foundation
  • Sydney Water
  • Blue Mountains City Council
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)

From 2009-19, administrative funding and the NILS 1800 NSWhas been received from the NSW Government through Fair Trading.

Who is eligible to access a loan from Winmalee NILS?

People living on low incomes are eligible to participate in NILS. An indication of low income might be the possession of a Health Care Card or being in receipt of support through Centrelink.

The loan applicant should have lived within the area for 3-6 months. There are no post code restrictions, however you closest provider may be easier to make an appointment with. The average amount that can be applied for when on New Start is $800.

You must also show a willingness and capacity to repay the loan, and loans are now available for up to $1,500 

How can I apply for a loan at Winmalee?

To receive a loan information pack contact us via -

 NILS OUTREACH-Bligh Par, Oberon & Catholic Care

The Centre can also do NILS loans via the phone with documents either emailed or faxed to the Centre.

We also provide outreach in the areas of Bligh Park and Oberon. The NILS officer will meet with the applicant at Bligh Park Community Centre. If in the Oberon area the loans are supported by the Oberon LIFE Community (An initiative of Oberon Christian Life Centre) Cnr Albion St and Dudley St Oberon. Phone 61 2 6336 1500 for more information.

For people coming for a loan via train we can meet with them in Springwood-Catholic care 3/163 Macquarie Road Springwood on Mondays or Tuesdays, phone 47544050 for more information.

NSW NILS 1800 Free call Service on 1800 509 994

The Centre is funded through Fair Trading to provide the 1800 NILS State referral service where those interested in a loan can ring to find out where their nearest NILS loan office is in NSW. 

Loan outlets in the Blue Mountains

Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre  02 4787 7770

Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre 02 4754 4050

Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre  02 4759 2592

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre  02 4754 4050


Financial Counselling

Wesley Financial Counselling is available at Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre. It provides free, independent and confidential face-to-face counselling in a friendly and informal environment. If you are in financial stress, or would like to manage your money more effectively, ring Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre to find out more.

Affordable Counselling

The Centre refers people to a local psychologist in Springwood (Debbie Deasy) who, if the person presents with a doctors referral form can claim a Medicare rebate.

Winmalee Community Food Cupboard

The Centre at present operates a food cupboard which has a limited supply of shelf products available for fortnightly access by low income residents or those holding a concession benefit card. Coles Winmalee provide fresh fruit, vegetables and bread to the Centre on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week via the Secondbite Program.

To download a weekly PDF of the items available, visit the Winmalee Community Food Cupboard section on this site's home page. 

Work Development Orders-now at Winmalee

Work and Development Orders (WDOs) are a way to help people who can't pay their fines. WDOs allow customers to clear their fines through unpaid work, courses and treatment programs with approved WDO sponsors. WDOs can help clients get their driver licence back and make a fresh start.

The WDO scheme delivers real change and community benefit.

The WDO scheme helps people who:

  • have a mental illness
  • have an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment
  • have a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol or volatile substances
  • are homeless
  • are in acute economic hardship.

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre is now a WDO sponsor. Through our suite of emergency relief support programs that assist the community we hope this will alleviate some of the ongoing financial issues many face. The circumstances and needs of disadvantaged families and individuals in the community are a priority issue for the Centre as we have seen extreme economic and social changes which have placed many families under severe economic and emotional stress. These changes are contributing to an increase in poverty and inequality amongst many families and individuals.

 If you have a fine that you cannot pay and meet the following categories phone the Centre for an appointment .


Appliance replacement offer-ask when booking your NILS appointment

Reducing your energy bills can be as simple as using appliances with high star ratings.

The appliance replacement offer makes it easier for you to upgrade your old fridge or television to a new, more efficient model. 

For eligible residents of NSW, discounts on new energy efficient fridges and televisions.

When you replace your old, inefficient model, you can receive:

  • 40% off the cost of a fridge
  • 50% off the cost of a television

The offer applies to selected fridge and television models. 

Fridges and televisions have been chosen for this offer because significant energy savings can be made by replacing old, inefficient models.

The amount you can save on your energy bill varies. On average:

  • Replacing an old, inefficient fridge can save between $100 and $200 per year on your energy bills.
  • Replacing a plasma or cathode ray tube (CRT) television with an LCD television can save between $50 and $125 per year on your energy bills

To replace your fridge, your current fridge must be at least ten years old.

To replace your television, you must own a plasma or cathode ray tube (CRT) television.

To receive this offer you must be a NSW resident and hold one of the following:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card or Low Income Health Care Card from Centrelink
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Card

A Commonwealth Seniors Health Card is not sufficient eligibility for this offer. You will need to hold one of the above cards.

If you do not meet the criteria above, you may be able to access the offer through a participating community service organisation.