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NEW -Little Free Library

We have opened a local Little Free Library which is situated at Coles Shopping Village.

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre has now made available at Our Community Shop, with the assistance of Marion Silk, The Little Free Library. The library is an option for families, they can pick up a book/s for the children while in Coles Shopping Village.

The aim of Little Free Libraries is to encourage children, and parents, to read by providing ready access to books in public places. Readers are encouraged to browse, borrow and return a book, or replace it with a similar book if they wish to keep it. The Little Free Libraries motto's are simple: “Take a Book, Leave a Book” and “Always a Gift, Never for Sale”

Developing early literacy skills is essential in preparing children for success in school. Children who enter school with strong literacy skills are better equipped to understand and communicate with their teachers and peers, and to comprehend the information presented to them in class.

We now know that 90% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life, and so it is important to make the most of this time. Reading, and engaging in conversation turns, with children creates a positive relationship, which further enhances their development.

New books are coming all the time so please come and enjoy this new resource.